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Video/DVD Course

Take traffic school in the comfort of your own living room with
Florida's easiest video/DVD traffic safety course!

We know what you're thinking. You need to go to traffic school but don't want to waste half a day in a classroom somewhere. And you definitely don't want your eyeballs to blister while you stare down a computer screen for hours. What other options do you have?
The most entertaining, educational, and enjoyable
traffic school video/DVD available in Florida!
Haines City Traffic School's video/DVD course is the best traffic school video ever produced in the state of Florida! This course is revolutionary in its design, content, and informational quality. Since the medium is predominantly visual, we've utilized the latest production comedic cast of six side-splitting traffic safety professionals — Morty Motormouth, Leonardo da Vehicle, Dr. Eric Von Drivenheimer, Chef Francois Fenderbender, Statistician Stan Stanley, and Henry Wadsworth Longfender — make traffic school fly by! Just kick back, relax, grab a soda and some buttered popcorn, and you'll be done in no time! The course is designed so that you will laugh while you learn. Catch the action on this dynamic and hilarious home video that is sure to teach/entertain you. It couldn't get any easier!

To register, simply call the toll-free telephone number below or click the link to register online. The total cost of the video/DVD course is just $45, including shipping!



Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.

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